Orvis Premium Fly-Tying Kit

Orvis Premium Fly-Tying Kit

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Tie the best classic and proven fly patterns with this fly-tying starter kit.

Learn to tie the classics with this comprehensive Orvis Fly-Tying Kit. Materials for 16 patterns, 10 flies each, for a total of 160 flies. 8 basic patterns and 8 guide-proven premium patterns. Comes with instructional DVD with tutorials for every pattern made expressly for the kit, and it also goes over basic tool instructions. The kit was designed by Tim Flagler of Tightline Productions, considered by most to be the best fly-tying videographer around. High-quality vise and tool set (includes ceramic lined bobbin, scissors, bodkin, half-hitch tool, hackle plier, hairstacker, and whip finish tool). Durable and convenient carrying case. (All fly-tying materials including hooks, beads, and tying materials are subject to change and substitution based on availability.)

Includes the following 8 basic and 8 guide patterns:

• Woolly Bugger

• Klinkhammer

• SOS Nymph

• BH Caddis Larva

• BH Sili-Prince

• Rusty Parachute

• Elk Hair Caddis

• Chernobyl Ant

• Parachute Emerger

• Pearl Flash Zonker

• Fur Ant

• Black Rubber Leg Stone

• San Juan Worm

• BH Lighting Bug

• Zebra Midge

• Hollow Egg

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