Scientific Anglers Smooth Infinity Plus

Scientific Anglers Smooth Infinity Plus


Scientific Anglers' fly line is a staple of the fly fishing industry. Consistently pushing the fly line technology forward while harkening to its storied past. The latest development being offered, and will be available soon, is the SA Smooth Infinity Plus lineup. This will not come to the textured Infinity Plus lineup this season, but it may arrive quickly.

Let's break down this line and help you understand what the "Plus" is all about:

  • "Plus" refers to the fact this line is a full one-size-heavy. This line will be great to cast for those fast-action rods and more advanced casting techniques. 

"Well, that's great!" some will say, and others might say, "Get better at casting, and you won't have to overline your rod to get it to perform." Either way, consider all the benefits and detractions of a fly line before you purchase it. I don't mind a heavier line weight than my rod would typically use. In fact, most of the time, it makes casting more manageable and doesn't tire an angler out because the rod is forced to handle a heavier line, equating to more stored energy when casting.

Here is the official language from the folks over at SA:

  • Features the revolutionary AST Plus slickness additive for superior shooting ability and increased durability.
  • A scaled-up version of our general-purpose Infinity Taper, the Infinity Plus is built as a full-size heavy for the fastest rods and larger trout rigs.
  • Underlining Infinity Plus by 1 size creates an AFFTA true standard weight for slower rods and advanced casters.
  • Braided Multifilament core.

Most of the time, we look at the packaging and see these "icons" that describe the features of the line we purchase. Here is a quick breakdown of what they mean for this line specifically:

AST Plus is a patented liquid compound that actually moves within the coating. It naturally migrates to the line's surface as the coating wears. This extends the life of a ly line and provides out-of-the-box slickness long after the line leaves the fly shop floor.

So what does this translate to?

  1. Lasts up to 8 times longer than competitor lines!
  2. Up to 5 times less friction through the guides!
  3. It maintains slickness due to the compound migrating from the center of the line to the outside - this means it can get slicker over time!

Lines with Dry Tip have a lower-density coating on the front tapers and tips, resulting in increased floatation and easier line management on the water. This formulation is found primarily in the premium fly lines, where performance matters, and the difference between catching a fish and spooking one often comes down to just how well the tip of the line floats throughout a drift.

These last two are self-explanatory. The first one is the "SA•ID", referring to the identifying marks in the first few feet of the fly line where it denotes the fly line family, the taper, and the line's weight and sinking profile. The second is an icon for the Welded Loops on the fly line for easy connection to leaders and backing through a standard "loop to loop" connection.

Overall this line will perform well in all aspects of freshwater applications, including dry flies, nymphs, bobber rigs, streamers, and poppers. The ideal water temperature will be cold to medium temps between 10-80 degrees and perfect air temperatures between 20-90 degrees. This means this line is an excellent all-around line for almost any climate until you get into the Tropical conditions. Here's a quick illustration of the fly line taper for the Smooth Infinity Plus.

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