Simms Waders

Simms Waders

Simms WadersSimms Waders have been setting the standard for decades regarding their wading products' comfort, technology, and robustness. There is no substitute for Simms's legacy and heritage in the fly fishing community regarding its core value and longevity. Whenever a fly fisherman or fisherwoman is ready to get a fresh pair of waders, Simms is usually our top pick.

Stillwater Fly Shop has been a dealer in Simms Waders for more years than we can remember. That being said, we've been here through all the changes and updates that come along with their product lines, including their best-sellers such as Simms Freestone Waders, Simms G3 Waders, Simms G4 Waders, and Simms Women's Waders.

From Simms: We've been making waders in Bozeman, Montana, since 1980. The best fishing waders in the world stem from innovative design, cutting-edge materials, and tenacious testing. They're also the result of a painstaking process driven by hundreds of US-based wader makers who pledge allegiance to it every day.

Simms makes waders for every angler and every ability, stockingfoot, bootfoot waders, or wading pants for men, women's waders, and kids' waders.