Orvis Fly Reels

The beauty of fly fishing lies in its simplicity: A fly rod, reel, line, and flies—the sport can be as straightforward or as complex as you care to make it. Whether you’re looking to purchase your first reel or hoping to add a large-arbor reel to your collection before your next fly-fishing trip, Orvis has you covered. Because there is no better sound than the scream of a reel when your fish decides to run.

Find the perfect Orvis fly-fishing reel for any application: Saltwater or freshwater, our fly reels perform to exceptional standards. Bring in fast and feisty predator fish with a lightweight, high-tech reel. We painstakingly engineer and test each new addition to our saltwater and freshwater fly reel collection to ensure impressive performance. Zero startup inertia and an incredibly smooth drag help land more fish, and your tippet fares better, too. Put the brakes on your favorite big species; the washer drag system on our larger reels offers plenty of torque for impressive fish-stopping power. Flawless sealed construction stands up to corrosive saltwater, dirt, and debris, and resists harsh conditions, so you’re ready for the most challenging environments. We’ve also made it simpler than ever to fine-tune drag pressure with the easy-to-use drag adjustment system on our fly-fishing reels. And we don’t skimp on our classic styles—they’re still meticulously designed for ultralightweight performance in a conservative profile. Explore our classic Battenkill fly reels: Hitting the water with the enduring click-and-pawl style reel reminds us that simplicity has its place.