Stillwater Rewards Program

What does it all mean?

Rewards and Loyalty Earns you Payback!

It's pretty simple really, when you decide to become part of the Stillwater Family - we want to treat you right! Just like walking into your local fly shop and getting a good deal - we do the same thing, just via the Interwebs...


Earn points the easy way!

Get engaged with our site via social media, reviews, questions, or uploading photos and videos to your favorite products!

See below for all the different ways you can help us out by sharing your stoke and also earning points!

Step it up a notch!

VIP Member Exclusives!

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Examples of how our Loyalty Program works

For each dollar you spend, Stillwater gives you one point. For example: You purchase a new Sage rod for $750.00. For this purchase alone you would receive 750 points. Read more on our FAQ Page on Loyalty Program here.

The Stillwater Fly Shop VIP Program works side by side with our existing Loyalty Program which you have all come to enjoy using over the years.

Basically, this is how it works...

When you spend your hard earned dollar with us, we track your account and when you reach a milestone of purchases - we reward you for your continued loyalty! As you can see from the chart above there are a variety of milestones, and at each tier you receive some Bonus Loyalty Points as well as some added perks. The tracking is on a rolling calendar, and you can maintain your Perks by maintaining that level of purchasing throughout the year. If you dip below, or rise above - the system will automatically adjust your Tier!

Points are not given for purchases of Sale Items [including gift certificates on promo sales], Trade-Up or Demo Gear, or payments made with Stillwater Gift Certificates or discount codes and do not apply to purchases made on Ebay or Amazon. Points cannot be transferred to another customer.

Program terms subject to change at any time without notification from Stillwater Fly Shop.

Since early 2008 Stillwater Fly Shop has catered to a variety of customers all over the world. Some of you have been coming back again and again due to the quality of product and our customized service. We wanted to implement a way to say thank you to both old and new customers alike. To show customer appreciation the Loyalty Program was rolled out in November of 2015.