Magnitude Fly Line by Scientific Anglers - You Can’t See Me

Magnitude Fly Line by Scientific Anglers - You Can’t See Me

We have all seen the marketing for the new Scientific Anglers Magnitude series of clear floating lines. Our favorite Scientific Anglers flats tapers are now in full clear and clear tip floating versions. At 149.99 for smooth and 179.99 for textured, these lines will cause sticker shock, but if you hook that fish of a lifetime, you'll quickly forget all that and be happy that it may have been that clear tip that was the difference maker. Stillwater took the Grand Slam clear tip to Cuba last week to see what all the hype is all about.

These lines cast just as smoothly as their Amplitude cousins, boasting low memory and a super slick texture, as we've come to expect from all Scientific Anglers lines. The real game changer with these lines is their performance in windy conditions. If you're able to cast a long 12 to 15 foot leader, adding on the 10 foot clear fly line section elevates your stealth to ninja level. No longer will spooky fish scatter at the sight of your line on the water. Moreover, in windy conditions, you can shorten your leader without the fear of scaring fish. With the shorter leader in the wind, you'll be able to turn that fly over, enhancing your presentations. This is a true game changer for windy days and beginner fishermen, eliminating the frustration of coming up short due to the wind.

Is a Magnitude worth it? Consider this: hooking fish on the flats is already challenging. For just $50, you can significantly increase your chances of success. Adding at least 10' of extra clear to your line could be the difference between a memorable catch and a missed opportunity. Imagine the satisfaction of having a great grip and grin photo to show your friends back at the dock. The Magnitude series could be the key to turning your 'almost caught that fish' stories into 'I caught that fish' triumphs.

We prefer the clear tip as the full clear lines can be hard to see when they are on the water. That is the point, but it can make it hard to track your fly in the heat of the moment. The guides in The Keys will love the all-clear version because those fish are about as hard to feed as they come. For most anglers, though, a 10' clear tip will be plenty, and you can still keep track of your line while it is on the water.

Magnitude is available in Bonefish, Bonefish Plus, Grand Slam, Tarpon, and Infinity Salt tapers. All tapers come smooth or textured and clear or 10' clear tip, so nobody can complain about being left out. If you fish a Scientific Anglers Amplitude line in the flats, you should consider adding a Magnitude version before your next trip.

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