Umpqua Deceiver Hd Bone/Permit Fluorocarbon Leader

Umpqua Deceiver Hd Bone/Permit Fluorocarbon Leader

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Umpqua Deceiver HD Bone/Permit Fluorocarbon Leader

Deceive the big, wary fish with a special type of line. Umpqua’s Deceiver HD is it! Deceiver HD provides the best abrasion resistance & knot strength any fluorocarbon has to offer and yet remains nearly invisible to fish. You will find Deceiver HD is stiffer than Deceiver X; Deceiver HD provides greater mass for turning over larger flies. It's your best choice when big fish, big flies, coral heads or boulder ridden streams are the challenges of the day.

This leader provides an extra-long, heavy butt section along with abrasion-resistant Deceiver HD Fluorocarbon for the perfect all-around leader for salt. Turn over bigger flies in strong winds or delicately place a blind Charlie on the nose for the best possible saltwater presentation.

• Almost Invisible

• Extra long heavy butt section

• Fluorocarbon

• Ideal for bonefish and permit

• 12 feet length

• 8lb to 20lb test

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