Cheeky Tyro Reel
Cheeky Tyro Reel
Cheeky Tyro Reel

Cheeky Tyro Reel

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Cheeky Tyro 300 - Closeout

Cheeky achieved the perfect balance of performance and value when designing the Typro Series by combining the advantages of die-casting with the precision and finish qualities of CNC machining. Using die-casting technology, the stability and durability of the Tyro frame & spool is maximized. The reel foot, drag knob, and spool knob are CNC machined to provide superior finish.

The Tyro 300: At 4.6 oz and 3" in diameter, the Tyro 300 packs a lot of power in a light and compact package. Perfect for any small water application, the Tyro 300’s Rev Carbon Drag System will halt any trout that dares to nibble your line. Suffient line capacity is provided with the B2 Channel to cope with any obscure monster you may encounter.

The Tyro 350: Measuring 3.5" in diameter and weighing a lean 5.3 oz, the Tyro 350 is the ideal companion for river, pond and small lake applications. Cheeky's B2 Channel, Quick Change Spool and Rev Carbon Drag System are just a few of the many features you'll be glad to have at your disposal during your next big adventure.

The Tyro 375: Lightweight versatility is the key to success in freshwater fly fishing is the ideal all-around weapon for rivers and lakes, the Tyro 375’s lightweight design (5.6 oz) and fiercely strong, smooth Rev Carbon Drag System will make the difference on your next outing.

Tyro 300 (Line Weight 2-4): Trout, Grayling & Bluegill
Tyro 350 (line Weight 5-6): Large Trout, Bass, Small Salmon
Tyro 375 (line Weight 7-8): Large Trout, Bass, Steelhead, Salmon, Carp

  • Rev Carbon Drag System
  • Lightweight Design (weighs only 4.6 oz)
  • B2 Channel
  • Quick Change Spool
  • Easy to convert Left/Right Retrieve
  • Silent Retrieve
  • Highlighted by laser-engraved logos.
  • Reel Case Included

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