Daiichi Short Shank Dry Fly Hook (1310) 25 Pack

Daiichi Short Shank Dry Fly Hook (1310) 25 Pack

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Daiichi Short Shank Dry Fly Hook - 25 Pack

A “short shank” hook is a versatile tool for anglers. If you tie a standard length pattern on a short shank hook, you select one size larger than normal – a size 12 Adams fits on a size 10 “short shank.” This provides a few benefits: First it gives you one size heavier wire, therefore increased strength. It also gives a wider gape for increased hooking effectiveness. Of course, these hooks are also used for short dry flies, spiders, beetles, ants, etc. Uses include Standard Dry Flies with Wide Gape, Short-Bodied Dry Flies.

Features & Benefits:

• Bronze Finish
• Round Bend
• Down-Eye
• 1X Short Shank
• Provides a heavier wire
• Sizes #8 - #22 
• 25 Per Pack

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Daiichi hooks are made of the finest high carbon steel, which is hardened and tempered to an exacting formula that makes for a long point life and a very strong hook. They use a 12-degree constant taper ground needle point. This eliminates irregularities in shape, assuring no weak spots, & gives amazing speed of penetration. They are also chemically sharpened in a special bath that deburs their points. Anglers can choose from multiple finishes that are all evenly and smoothly applied. Each hook is precision tooled "true" to the exact design of the eye, bend, gape & barb. The barbs are an advanced "low profile" design that results in minimal weakness and less broken hooks and lost fish.

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