Echo Carbon Xl Euro Nymph Fly Rod

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Echo Carbon Xl Euro Nymph Fly Rod

Eacho Carbon XL Euro Nymph Fly Rod

The Carbon XL Euro Nymph model retains the standard medium-fast action of the XL Series but with an extended length of 10’. The result is a sophisticated balance of action, power and affordability that even the most discerning nymph enthusiasts will take seriously. Not to be limited to nymphs; it will gladly fish dries or indicators when the situation demands it.

Action vs Power Comparison
Use this chart to choose an ECHO rod that best fits you and your personal casting stroke. The vertical axis indicates the rod’s power, while the horizontal axis indicates the rod’s action. In simple terms, single-hand rod action is derived from the top half of the rod, while power is derived from the bottom half

Fast action rods feature softer tips than medium action rods and provide a ‘stiffer’ feel. Fast action rods excel in the hands of anglers with more aggressive casting strokes and greater stroke control. Medium action rods are ideal for anglers with more fluid casting strokes and have a larger ‘sweet spot’ for a wider range of casting strokes. Consistently throwing a tailing loop? Your rod’s action may not be a good fit to you and your casting stroke.

A rod’s power is its resistance to flexing under load. Powerful rods are ‘beefier’ through the bottom half, generate higher line speeds, and are more adept at keeping big fish pinned. Delicate rods are more presentation-oriented, protect light tippet, and are a better choice for picky fish.

  • Four piece travel design
  • Action: Medium fast
  • Fabric-covered rod case & sock
  • Lightweight ceramic stripping guides
  • Warranty: Echo Lifetime Warranty

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