Echo Lago Fly Rod

Echo Lago Fly Rod

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Echo Lago Fly Rod

People who fish lakes rely on an acute awareness of what depth their fly is and how fast it is moving. Because you rarely sight fish when in a float tube or boat, successful anglers are often the ones who cover the most water and keep their fly in the zone as long as possible. Being able to cast far and cover the most water, using a sinking line, are the halmark of the expert lake angler. The ECHO LAGO rods are designed to help extend your reach and make casting long lines easier.

To optimize casting while sitting, the preferred rod is light in the hand and as long as possible. A longer rod helps you keep your back cast off the water and helps you roll cast your line to the surface prior to making your next cast. Long rods help you when fishing long leaders and tippets even when fishing a nymph and indicator. Rods 10 feet long strike the perfect balance between easy casting and maximum line speed. Because a full day on the water can mean thousands of casts the weight of the rod is a factor. A blend of intermediate modulus graphite for the LAGO rods helps make them tough and forgiving when landing big fish while still keeping them light in the hand. Their modest tip power and a firm lower half allow a rod to perform using a wide range casting styles.

ECHO LAGO rods are 10’0” long and are bathed in gloss flash cobalt finish and are four piece for easy travel. It features a low maintenance anodized reel seat and the full wells handle has a modest curve to allow different grips while casting. It comes in sizes to cover all trout lake fishing situations.

• Optimized to cast sinking and floating lines while sitting close to the water

• Action and power levels that work well for all trout fishing conditions

• Modest shaped handle for all casting styles and grip positions


All ECHO rods are covered by a lifetime warranty for the original owner. Service covers all manufacturer defects, incidental damage, or anything that is keeping your ECHO rod from performing in a fish-able manner. Normal wear and tear and cosmetic issues caused by sun exposure, saltwater, or other environmental factors are not covered by our warranty. This includes damages to blanks, hardware, and cork. All ECHO reels are covered by a one year warranty for the original owner.

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