Enrico Puglisi Blueback Herring (3-Pack)

Enrico Puglisi Blueback Herring (3-Pack)

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Enrico Puglisi Blueback Herring (3 per package)

Enrico Puglisi is known for his innovative and effective baitfish imitations. The Puglisi Blueback Herring fly is used in saltwater and provides a realistic profile and unparalleled under water movement of a baitfish. The Herring Fly mimics the type of forage fish predators frequently prey upon. In Size #2/0 and #3/0 at Stillwater Fly Shop.

Features of the Blueback Herring Fly:

• Ideal for Saltwater 
• Realistic profile and movement
• #2.0 = 3.5 inches long
• #3.0 = 5.5 inches long
• 3 Flies/Package

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