Enrico Puglisi Ep Scampi 732 (3-Pack)

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Enrico Puglisi Ep Scampi 732 (3-Pack)

Enrico Puglisi EP Scampi 732 (3 per package)

Enrico Puglisi is known for his innovative and effective baitfish imitations. The Puglisi EP Scampi fly is used in saltwater and provides a realistic profile and unparalleled under water movement of scampi. The Scampi 732 mimics the type of forage fish predators frequently prey upon in saltwater. In Size #2 at Stillwater Fly Shop.

• Ideal for Saltwater

• Realistic profile and movement

• 3 Flies/Package

Enrico founded Enrico Puglisi Ltd. where his innovative products are making a major impact on the future direction of saltwater fly fishing. His unique hand-tied flies are recognized around the world, and he has been invited to demonstrate his meticulous tying techniques across the United States and Europe. All of his patterns are designed to match specific baitfish and to be extremely fishable.

Recently, while appearing as a featured guest tier at a major fishing show, a youngster standing with his father pointed to one of Enrico's creations and said, "Daddy, that looks like the fish in our fish tank." "Yes, I know," said the father. "That's why it catches fish!"

That was a proud moment for Enrico because that's what he wants to create for his customers -- flies that catch fish!

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