G Loomis Imx-Pro Freshwater Fly Rod
G Loomis Imx-Pro Freshwater Fly Rod
G Loomis Imx-Pro Freshwater Fly Rod
G Loomis Imx-Pro Freshwater Fly Rod
G Loomis Imx-Pro Freshwater Fly Rod

G Loomis Imx-Pro Freshwater Fly Rod

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G Loomis IMX-PRO Freshwater Fly Rod

Built to the relentless specifications of fishing guides

Professional fishing guides don't settle for less than perfect. Professional anglers helped to determine the specifications of the IMX-PRO. This series meets 15 purpose driven designs to satisfy the performance demands of modern trout fishing. Buy yours today and see for yourself the handsome appointments, enjoyable feel and steadfast durability. Enter the game-changing addition to the G Loomis series of fly rods.

Lightweight where it counts. The IMX-PRO MATRIX technology is just as strong, but lighter in weight. How is this possible? Traditionally, as the blank diameter increases, the total amount of material used also increases. This was done to ensure strength and durability in the lower section of the rod. IMX-PRO MATRIX technology removes excess wraps of graphite and replaces them with a proprietary material of similar strength that's lighter in weight. The result is that casters exert less energy when moving the rod, thereby increasing the efficiency of total energy required to manipulate the line when casting and mending.

Features of the IMX-PRO Series Fly Rod:

  • Premium cork handle
  • Custom reel seat+ components
  • Fuji stripper guides
  • Freshwater / streamer
  • Single foot chrome guides
  • IMX-PRO matrix
  • HCR resin system
  • Advanced multi-taper design
IMX-PRO 486-4
In the world of dry fly fishing there’s always a time and place for moderate action rods, however, large tailwaters and freestones can dole up some serious adverse conditions. A little more line speed goes a long way when the fly must turn over to make the shot and the breeze is ramping up. The G. Loomis IMX-PRO 486-4 strikes that perfect balance of power for those long technical shots in the wind with enough finesse to protect delicate tippets and tiny dry flies. Headhunters: this rod is for you.

IMX-PRO 590-4
The 590-4 is the Swiss Army Knife of the G. Loomis IMX-PRO family. This powerful taper can punch cast-killing foam dries or indi rigs through a stiff headwind, but won’t disappoint when you need to down-shift to the dry fly game. In a pinch, it can handle light duty streamer work. Our chief rod designer Steve Rajeff earned his keep on this one.

IMX-PRO 5100-4
Casting and fishing indicator rigs requires a rod with enough

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