Galvan Grip Fly Reel
Galvan Grip Fly Reel
Galvan Grip Fly Reel
Galvan Grip Fly Reel
Galvan Grip Fly Reel
Galvan Grip Fly Reel
Galvan Grip Fly Reel
Galvan Grip Fly Reel
Galvan Grip Fly Reel
Galvan Grip Fly Reel

Galvan Grip Fly Reel

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The Galvan Grip Fly Reel has the quality Galvan is known for with an innovative sealed drag!

The Galvan Grip Series Fly Fishing Reel has an innovative, newly designed hub with sealed drag system. Designed with similar features of previous reel models like the Torque. The Grip's game changing features like a new hub design that has made the drag system truly sealed make it a must have for discerning fly anglers.

Built in the Galvan tradition, the Grip is an offering that continues to place Galvan as a leader in the fly fishing industry.

Galvan Fly Reels are proudly hand crafted in USA by the Galvan Family. They carry an original owner lifetime warranty backed by excellent customer service.


The Galvan push button spool release mechanism is intuitively simplistic and elegantly efficient. Spool removal is literally a snap. With a slight press of the button the spool pops off the frame and with a slight click a new spool is ready in place.


Galvan reels and spools are Type T2 anodized and incorporate minimal material points of contact making them corrosion resistant and saltwater safe. The aluminum oxide layer provides Galvan reels with supreme wear and corrosion protection. Limiting the metal materials that come in contact with each other protects this anodizing, limiting electrolysis and corrosion. Additionally, the thermoplastics used in the drag disc and spool bushing continue to protect from weather and wear. The anodization is flawless and the reels come in several vibrant colors at no extra cost.

The new Grip series is extremely attractive and sports a clear (silver) color scheme with bright blue accents. Fully machined from 6061 T6 aluminum, these large-arbor reels utilize a fully-sealed MicroTune carbon fiber drag system for total protection from the elements. The Type II anodized saltwater-safe frame and spool also feature easy switching to right or left retrieve, XL handle, easy spool release, and light weight thanks to the generously-ported design.
  • Galvan MicroTune Drag System
  • Sealed Hub Design
  • Minimal start up inertia
  • Reversible from left to right hand retrieve
  • Type II saltwater safe anodize
  • Maximum porting
  • Easy Off spool release
  • Counter Balanced
  • XL Handle for maximum torque
  • 6061 Grade T6 Aluminum
  • Large arbor spool design
Model & DiameterSpool WidthWeight (oz.)Line WeightsLine CapacityBacking (yards)
G-5 (3.5").90"6.085-6WF-5-F / WF-6-F125 yd / 100 yd (20lb)
G-6 (3.75").95"6.36-7WF-6-F / WF-7-F150 yd / 125 yd (20lb)
G-7 (3.875")1.10"6.677WF-7F150 yd (20lb)
G-8 (4.0")1.25"8.28WF-8F200 yd (20lb)
G-10 (4.25")1.35"8.710WF-10F
250 yd (30lb)
G-12 (4.5")1.35"9.512WF-12F
300 yd (30lb)

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