Korker Studded Vibram Xs Trek Sole

Korker Studded Vibram Xs Trek Sole

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Studded Rubber Lug Soles for All Terrain

VIBRAM® XS TREK™ is designed for use on all terrain including wet slick terrain. Ideal for riparian areas and rivers or lakes where you need extra traction.


Traction: Sticky rubber with a deep, wide lug pattern for cutting through algae and gripping terrain. Ideal for use on land, in boats, and in less demanding wet wading conditions.


Outdoor soles come in whole and half sizes for both Men and Women and must match the size of your Korkers winter boots to function properly (e.g. Men’s Size 10 Boot = Men’s Size 10 Sole). Half sizes, select the appropriately-marked sole (e.g. Men’s 10.5 boot = Men’s 10.5-11 sole). Boot sizing can be found on the inside tongue label or on the original Korkers boot box or sole box.

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