Opst Commando Skagit Sink Tips - 10ft
Opst Commando Skagit Sink Tips - 10ft

Opst Commando Skagit Sink Tips - 10ft

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OPST Commando Skagit Sink Tips - 10ft

OPST Commando Tips complete the Pure Skagit system from hook to reel. Presenting your fly at the depth where fish are holding is one of the most important factors in successful fishing. Commando Tips are ideal for making swung fly presentations to steelhead and salmon. It's a fact that not every run calls for the fastest, heaviest sink tip. Riffles and shallower runs can be just as important as deep holes, especially in high water. In such conditions, a shallower, yet still level, sink is the way to go.

Commando Tips will make you a more complete angler by allowing you to choose, within a set grain weight, from between three different sink rates: Riffle, Run and Bucket, for shallow, medium and deep water, respectively. For 80 grain tips, Riffle corresponds to S2, Run to S4 and Bucket to S6. For 110 and 140 grain tips, Riffle is S3, Run is S6 and Bucket is S9. Those familiar with MOW tips will be able to choose from three different grain weights: 80 grain, 110 grain and 140 grain, (T8, T11 and T14 grains per foot) for use on 2 weight switch rods up to 9 weight two handers. Commando Tips fit perfectly into the OPST Sink Tip Wallet!



For rods from 10 to 12 feet or so, OPST 10 foot Commando Tips make a great choice.

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