Orvis Helios D Fly Rod
Orvis Helios D Fly Rod
Orvis Helios D Fly Rod
Orvis Helios D Fly Rod
Orvis Helios D Fly Rod
Orvis Helios D Fly Rod
Orvis Helios D Fly Rod

Orvis Helios D Fly Rod

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The incredible new Helios is 4X more accurate than Helios 3! The designers solved the problem of tip displacement. When the energy of the forward cast is released, it can cause the rod tip to wobble around the horizontal and vertical axes—reducing the accuracy of the cast. The new Helios displays dramatically increased hoop strength and minimized vibration along the blank, leading to a radical reduction of tip displacement. The result is a precise, smooth energy transfer from your hand to the fly and laser-like precision. This new design leaves the competitors far behind.

The Helios D series now offers increased line speed, lifting power, and a deep reserve of stored energy. The Helios 4th generation is tested and proven compared to its predecessor the Helios 3:

25% MORE DURABLE in extreme breakage testing
10% LIGHTER swing weight

  • Durability: The all-new Helios is 25% stronger than its predecessor. Orvis analyzed decades of rod-building data and taper strategy to dramatically increase strength over Helios 3 in the ultimate breakage test.
  • Increased Bend & Backbone: The increased strength and travel distance means more lifting power when a fish runs under the boat or thrashes at the net. Anglers can fight those last moments with confidence.
  • Quality: Researched and designed components exceed expectations to perform exceptionally well in the field.
  • Less Swing Weight without Compromise: A 10% reduction in levered swing weight equals a crisp and balanced feel with a smooth transfer of energy that is virtually effortless for all-day casting without fatigue. The all-new Helios becomes an extension of your mind.
  • Type III Anodized Aluminum Reel Seat: Helios reel seats are machined in New Hampshire, less than 30 miles from the Vermont Rod Shop. Type III or “hard coat” anodizing results in maximum durability and scratch resistance, which is especially important in saltwater environments and when scrambling over rocks.

Key Features

In extensive field testing, the new Helios triumphed in the harshest conditions with the most challenging fish and exceeded expectations of professionals around the world. Here are a few of these anglers' reviews:

"The impressive thing is this rod was so powerful, accurate and efficient...it did what other 5wts and even 6wts simply could not for me in the past."
Taylor Edrington

"The rod is very powerful and strong for such a light rod. I pulled on some big tarpon, striped marlin, giant trevally, grouper, snapper, and it performed great. In some cases, I tried to break it and did not."
Jako Lucas

on slick days or when wind becomes your adversary.

fast loading for working in tight quarters where one cast might be all you get.
PRO PICK: 8'5" 7WT D

for bass to bluefin, ultimate fishability even when all the elements are against you.

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