Orvis Mirage Leader/Tippet Combo Pack

Orvis Mirage Leader/Tippet Combo Pack

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Orvis Mirage Leader/Tippet Combo Pack

These leaders and tippet deliver unmatched strength and abrasion resistance. Leaders and tippet go hand in hand. Stock up with this economical leader and tippet combo. Features Mirage leaders and tippet, perfect for nymphing or chasing ultra-spooky fish.

Features of the Mirage Leader/Tippet Combo Pack:

• Leader and tippet combo
• Most economical way to stock up for your fishing adventures
• Two 9' leaders
• One 30m spool of tippet in matching diameter
• Fluorocarbon

Size Guide

*The accepted industry standard for diameters is +- .0005”, and in 5X material these day most manufacturers are at .0065”, which technically if you rounded off would be 4X, but since it has become standard across the board, Orvis elected to go this route as well. If they chose a diameter of .0055”, it would technically be 5X but when compared in the marketplace to other 5X materials, Orvis' leaders would be slightly finer in diameter and thus would look weaker than they actually are. **They used the improved clinch knot, probably the most common knot used in fly fishing and thus a real-world test. The knots were all tied by the same experienced knot tier and soaked overnight. This test is a lot more valid than simple dry break strength.

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