Redington Euro Nymph Field Kit

Redington Euro Nymph Field Kit

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Complete Kit Designed for Euro Nymphing

The Euro Nymph Field Kit is ready to high stick in tight quarters. A wildly effective technique, Euro Nymphing is great for catching fish in water you might usually pass over. Easily detect the most subtle takes with a 10' medium-action Euro rod paired with a large arbor diecast reel. Pre-spooled with RIO FIPS Euro Nymph Line and RIO Euro Nymph leader, the Euro Nymph Field Kit is locked and loaded for fun, putting fish in the net and learning new techniques.

Euro Nymph Rod

• Easy casting medium action that will efficiently turnover thin leaders, tippet, and European style nymph flies.
• 10' length for optimal performance
• Durable anodized aluminum reel seat for longlasting performance

Run Reel

• Lightweight design constructed from durable diecast aluminum
• Large arbor design for quick line retrieval
• Powerful carbon drag system that offers smooth stopping power

Rio FIPS Euro Nymph Line

• Specifically designed for the demands of the Euro Nymph angler
• Easy casting, long lasting line for Euro Nymph fishing
• Supple core maximizes sensitivity and allows for lightning fast hook sets

Other Features

• RIO Products Euro Nymph leader
• Loop to loop connection for easy rigging
• Cordura carrying case for keeping your gear safe
• Lifetime warranty

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