Rio Intouch Mid Head Spey Fly Line
Rio Intouch Mid Head Spey Fly Line
Rio Intouch Mid Head Spey Fly Line

Rio Intouch Mid Head Spey Fly Line

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Rio InTouch Mid Head Spey Fly Line

The InTouch Mid Head Spey line offers the perfect blend of distance and line control for midsized rivers. The easy-casting mid-length head features a long, stepped front taper that unrolls with max efficiency, while providing the length necessary for long, complex mends across varying currents.

The head length is ideal for mid-size rivers and Spey rods between 13ft and 14ft in length. The line is built with RIO’s ultra-low stretch ConnectCore for the very best in performance, and features AgentX & Extreme Slickness technologies, welded loops on both ends and a Loading Point marker.

Features of the Mid Head Spey Fly Line:

  • Rear weighted design loads rods easily and ensures effortless, efficient Spey casts
  • Ultra-low stretch ConnectCore for maximum performance
  • Mid length head for great mending and line control at distance
  • Designed with rivers like the Deschutes, Clearwater and Thompson in mind
  • Full floating line, but if you must use a tip make sure its 7.5 ft or less.  Otherwise its going to get a bit "clunky".  Highly technical term, Clunky.

ConnectCore lines open up new worlds of perception and sensitivity with ultra-low stretch performance. Soft, subtle takes become positive grabs, and without stretch to dull reaction times, hook sets are instant and sure. ConnectCore. The secret weapon for success

Every fly fisherman is looking for a slicker line, and for good reason. Slicker line means longer casts, which is something all anglers strive to achieve. XS Technology is the latest development from RIO's lab coats that focuses on creating an ultra slick line, with dirt-repelling tendencies.

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