Rio Fly Line Kit

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The complete RIO Fly Line kit includes everything needed to easily rig lines.

Need to prepare your rod and reel to get ready to fish? Or maybe you have an old reel with even older line deteriorating on it. Now there’s an easier way to add or freshen up that terminal tackle with the complete RIO Fly Line Kit, including Mainstream Fly Line, Leader, and Backing.

Just look at the line designation on the rod and pick the line weight kit to match. Available in 4wt to 8wt, there’s a kit for all the popular fly fishing applications from small streams, creeks, and ponds all the way up to bass and redfish. With a full list of step-by-step instructions included for how to rig the backing to the reel, line to backing, and leader to line, it’s as simple as following the steps then heading out to the water with confidence. Spend more time fishing and less time rigging, with the RIO Fly Line Kit.
  • Mainstream Fly Line
  • Backing Spool
  • Powerflex Leader
  • Complete step-by-step rigging guide

RIO 3wt Fly Line Kit - Small Stream / Creek
RIO 4wt Fly Line Kit - Stream / Creek / Pond
RIO 5wt Fly Line Kit - River / Lake
RIO 6wt Fly Line Kit - River / Lake
RIO 7wt Fly Line Kit - River / Lake
RIO 8wt Fly Line Kit - Bass / Redfish

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