Rio Premier Bank Robber Fly Line
Rio Premier Bank Robber Fly Line

Rio Premier Bank Robber Fly Line

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Specifically for presenting terrestrials and stoneflies close to bankside cover

When fishing stoneflies, hoppers, beetles, or cicadas, the most effective presentation emulates flies dead drifting and tickling the bank. The RIO Bank Robber was designed specifically for this style of fishing. Its fine front taper enables precise, accurate casts while its rear-loaded head easily carries the biggest and bushiest salmonfly pattern. The long back taper makes it easy to mend and extend a drag free drift while a unique, bright green section marks the ideal lengths for loading the rod and picking up for another cast. Finally, the Bank Robber is made with a slightly harder SlickCast coating than a standard trout line, keeping it slick and easy to shoot on even the muggiest summer hopper days. It has never been easier to get your fly up against that cut bank and keep it there, cast after cast.
  • Rear-loaded head to carry big bushy flies with ease
  • Long back taper for easy mends and extended drag free drifts
  • Fine front taper for precise presentations
  • Built with RIO's exceptionally slick, durable SlickCast coating

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