Rio Skagit Intouch Light I-Mow Tips T-8

Rio Skagit Intouch Light I-Mow Tips T-8

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Rio Skagit Intouch Light I-Mow Tips T-8 - Closeout

RIO's new series of sinking tips, called "iMOW's", are based on RIO's hugely successful MOW tips, but built with an intermediate section instead of the floating section.

Each Heavy iMOW is built with a translucent white intermediate section, attached to a level length of T-8, and features a welded loop in both ends for fast rigging. The intermediate section of the iMOWs create a fantastic transition between a floating Skagit head and the fast sinking tip for perfect depth control and the utmost in strike detection.

A perfect addition to RIO's new intermediate tip Skagit iFlight

Light iMOW Tips feature T-8 for a sinking section (with a sink rate of about 7” per second) and are most suitable for Skagit lines of 475 grains and less. They have a front and back welded loop.

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