Rio Spey Intouch Level T
Rio Spey Intouch Level T

Rio Spey Intouch Level T

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New for 2015. Fast sinking, level tungsten tips that sink like a rock

These fast sinking, level tips use tungsten powder for density, not lead and, as a result, are supple, do not kink and sink like a rock. Built on RIO’s ultra-low stretch ConnectCore, they are extremely sensitive to soft grabs and ensure fast, solid hook sets.

• The tips are color-coded for quick identification and are made with an easy-to-weld coating

• Each tip is designed to be cut and tuned to the angler’s individual fishing and casting requirements

• Loops available on all 30ft lengths, except for T-20

Free Shipping in the USA and NO State Sales Tax for the Rio Spey Tips

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• Front Welded Loop

• Back Welded Loop

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