Rio Summer Redfish Fly Line

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Rio Summer Redfish Fly Line
Rio Summer Redfish Fly Line
Rio Summer Redfish Fly Line

Rio Summer Redfish for Warm Climates - Closeout

For warm conditions 75-100 ℉ / 24-38 ℃.

The Summer Redfish fly line targets redfish and speckled trout in warmer conditions. The line features a mid-length front taper that casts typical redfish patterns. It allows for careful presentations to avoid spooking wary Reds. Easily load a rod with the front weighted line. Strong tropical winds? No problem. This line can easily cope with thanks to the medium-stiff core and a hard, tropical coating that will not wilt in warmer conditions.

Features of the Tropical Series Summer Redfish Fly Line:

  • Mid-length front taper for perfect presentations
  • Powerful enough to cast typical summer redfish patterns
  • Easy loading head makes it simple to cast at close range
  • Medium stiff core and tropical coating ensures the line does not wilt in the heat
  • "1 full Bump in weight" i.e 8 wt line actually equals a 9

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