Rio Xl Streamer Leader
Rio Xl Streamer Leader

Rio Xl Streamer Leader

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Rio XL Streamer Leader
Largest Streamers & Heavy Sink Tips

The Rio XL Streamer Leader is designed for anglers who are targeting big fish with large streamers. The medium-stiff nylon butt section provides the power needed to turn over even the heaviest flies, while the 18" Fluoroflex Strong tippet section offers maximum clarity, strength, and abrasion resistance. The integrated Micro Swivel helps to reduce line twist, and the hand-tied perfection loop makes rigging quick and easy. And the short overall length of 4 feet helps get a fly down fast when paired with a sink tip fly line.

  • Medium-stiff nylon butt section
  • Integrated Fluoroflex Strong tippet for clarity and strength
  • Integrated Micro Swivel to reduce line twist
  • Hand tied perfection loop for quick rigging

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