Sage Trout Spey G5 Fly Rod
Sage Trout Spey G5 Fly Rod
Sage Trout Spey G5 Fly Rod

Sage Trout Spey G5 Fly Rod

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Sage Trout Spey G5 Fly Rod

The Trout Spey G5 is built for a wide range of spey applications on your favorite trout waters. This unique rod has you covered whether swinging soft hackles on floating lines during late evening hatches or throwing streamers on Skagit heads when the weather cools and there are fewer insects around. The high-performance blank and trout spey-specific action of the G5 allows for easy casting without the back cast or double-haul. Just lift, set, and fire! The Trout Spey G5 will outperform. Enjoy this rod series as the new solution to an age old problem.

The G5 features a down-locking reel seat for rod balance, custom-shaped fore and rear handles, and line guides sized to perform with today’s trout spey heads including Skagit, short Scandi and running lines. For versatility, the 11’0” 3wt is preferred, while the 11’3” 4wt model is the rod of choice for those looking to cast heavier streamers or beat a stiff wind. The Trout Spey G5 is ideal on any trout river near you because the two-handed season can last all year long.


• Trout Spey specific action and components

• Designed for easy casting of moderately weighted flies up to 3”

• For streamer loving angler who wants to add a new technique or cover every inch of the river with ease.

Key Features

• Generation 5 Technology

• Brown blank color

• Desert Olive primary thread wraps

• Fuji ceramic ring stripper guide

• Hard chromed snake guides and tip-top

• Custom shaped fore and rear grip cork handle

• Gloss Black anodized aluminum down-locking reel seat

• Rugged brown nylon rod tube with divided liner

G5 Technology incorporates unique graphite hoop material combined with Sage's proprietary carbon/resin composite. Modulus positioning optimizes blank strength, responsiveness, and performance along the length of the shaft. Enhanced graphite hoop with minimal glass and axial fiber positioning reduces weight, improves responsiveness, and enhances cross-sectional durability and performance.

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