Scientific Anglers Outpost Tippet Holder

Scientific Anglers Outpost Tippet Holder

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The Outpost Tippet Holder for 7 spools and accessories

The Outpost Tippet Holder holds 7 spools of tippet and can be attached anywhere. From packs, wader belts, cam straps to mounting directly to a boat or Yeti, this tippet holder quickly becomes a full rigging station when you hook zingers to the holes on the bottom. The Outpost Tippet Holder is designed to make rigging easy.

• Can be attached to most straps via the integrated slot in the base, rigidly mounted with stainless steel screws, or soft mounted with adhesive backed Velcro

• Anodized aluminum construction

• Holds up to 7 tippet spools

• Spring loaded tippet bar for quick access

• Red/Black

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