Scott Centric Fly Rod
Scott Centric Fly Rod
Scott Centric Fly Rod
Scott Centric Fly Rod
Scott Centric Fly Rod
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Scott Centric Fly Rod

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Scott has pioneered the way with the unique, innovative and fast Centric Fly Rod.

Revolutionary Centric series fly rods deliver new levels of stability, recovery speed, and range, while giving anglers a real-time feedback through easy flexing tip sections and highly transmissive blanks.

How are these rods more efficient?

The angler of any skill level can easily create flat, stable, high line speed loops at any distance with minimal effort.

If you are seeking a lightweight fly rod that can cast with precision and convey idyllic calm when fly fishing, the Centric Fly Rod is the perfect choice. If you are looking to improve your roll cast and mend, the Centric Fly Rod offers the ability to control loop shape and line speed at various distances.

Centric rods combine new tapers and multi-modulus lay ups with a new resin system to increase fiber density and reduce weight. They feature state-of-the-art ARC reinforcement for greater stability along multiple axes. Scott's new custom rolling equipment provides control of fiber placement and density with new levels of precision.

In addition to all these new benefits, Scott designed new standard-setting componentry for Centric rods that redefine functionality, durability, and beauty. Following are a few of the enhancements and features:

• Flor grade cork, new titanium stripping guides with super slick zirconia inserts

• Low glare Snakebrand Universal snake guides

• Fully milled reel seat featuring speed threads and easy grip knurling

• Self-indexing hoods, micarta inserts

• Special Delrin lock washer

• Type 3 flat black hard coat

• Embroidered cloth bag and premium aluminum rod tube

• Handcrafted in the USA from the finest materials

• All Centric rods are 4 pieces and are available in models ranging from 8.5’ to 10.0’ in line weights 4 to 7

Why is the Scott Centric Fly Rod a better choice?

Anglers can feel Scott fast action fly rods as if an extension of their being. Scott is now taking it to the next level. Cutting edge Centric series fly rods deliver increased stability, recovery speed, and range, while providing anglers tons of feedback through the easy flexing tip sections and highly transmissive blanks. Cast the Centric Fly Rod and feel the calm in knowing you are prepared with the best in technology; feel connected to the rod and experience a bit of an adrenaline rush.

Key Features


Scott constructs their titanium guide frames from materials offering the highest strength to weight ratio and corrosion resistance possible. The result is strong, light and corrrosion resistant guides. Frames are composed of pure titanium and are 65% lighter than equivalent stainless steel guides and 100% corrosion resistant. Silicon carbide (SiC) rings are diamond polished to create the smoothest surface of any ceramic material. Like Scott frames, SiC is resistant to abrasion, corrosion, and thermal shock.


Centric rods combine new precision construction techniques with an innovative new resin system to bond carbon fibers in a very dense matrix. The result? An exponentially lighter, more efficient rod that reduces casting fatigue and effort, while improving accuracy and versatility performance. So for any type of cast, Centric rods bring together light weight, fast recovery and feel for unbridled fishing Nirvana.


ReAct technology combines X-Core design with a new complex materials and taper system to create a break-through in fast action rod design. Imagine waves vibrating in the rod after the cast has been made to enhance distance, control and accuracy. Simply making the rod stiffer would eliminate the feel. ReAct counteracts energy sapping vibrations by speeding the recovery of the blank without the needing more material to stiffen the rod. This puts the feel in fast. And that’s a really good thing!


X-Core combines the industry’s leading composite technologies with cutting edge design. This ensure enhanced feel, incredible stability and unequalled performance. Diameter is proportional to stiffness and strength, and X-Core, or Expanded Core, technology delivers blanks that transmit feel and maintain stability better than any other design approach. Scott uses fast taper mandrels with low-mass, thin-walled blanks and proprietary ARC reinforcement to create rods that have stiffness with feel, and stability with sensitivity. This innovative design helps the rod come alive in your hands. This approach is superior to the slow taper, thick walled designs that deliver stiffness at the expense of feel.


Scott pioneered the use of multi modulus fiber lay ups in blank design resulting in fine-tuned flex and recovery. This technology controls the stiffness and recovery speed of blanks by varying the fiber tensile modulus along the length of the rod. This provides a rod that loads and unloads more smoothly.


Over 14 years ago, Scott introduced ultra-light weight unidirectional carbon fiber reinforcements. Scott's Advanced Reinforced Carbon (ARC) adds directional stability and hoop strength while minimizing additional weight. Their new generation ARC is over 35% lighter and sets a new first in ultra-light multi-ply blank construction. This results in even more torsional stability with lighter weight to help your rod track better for greater loop control and pin point accuracy.


Another breakthrough technology created by Scott, Most reelseats are made with a glossy, thin, and easily marred type 2 anodize. Scratches in type 2 anodize expose the aluminum underneath, leading to worn finishes and potential for corrosion. Scott's Mil-Spec III anodize penetrates the surface of the aluminum, creating the hardest, most durable, and most corrosion resistant finish available. This technology prevents galvanic reactions with dissimilar metals and is resistant to temperatures above 900 degrees Fahrenheit.


Notice the difference in Scott rods. Scott's Natural Finish is dedicated to making your rod lighter, more durable, and better performing. Most other rods on the market are run through a belt sander, tearing away the outside power fibers of the blank and introducing variance. This can weaken the blank. Also they often add a glossy paint to increase shelf appeal. Scott's Natural finish blanks aren't subjected to the rip through the sanding belt, nor are they covered with heavy paint to add pop. There is natural beauty in graphite. A natural finish blank is built to exacting tolerances. Scott's advanced resin systems permeate the blank, leaving a durable finish that will stand up to years of abuse.

Every Scott rod is made from beginning to end in Montrose, Colorado. Scott takes their mission to handcraft high performance rods very seriously, using knowledge gained from forty years of design experience with the commitment to handcraft every fly rod made to give you top performance and benchmark quality. It's in all the little details that exceptional rods are distinguished from merely good rods.

Innovative Technology integrated in the Centric series fly rod includes CARBON LINK and FOUNDATIONS.

Centric fly rod's are super light, more efficient, accurate and versatile due to a combination of Scott's precision construction techniques and an innovative resin system that bonds carbon fibers in a dense matrix. If your fishing pleasure is long distance with a dry, short roll casts or nymphing, these Centric rods are suitable with more feel, lightweight, and fast recovery.

A firm foundation is the basis for an impeccable cast and reel. The Centric provides a fully-milled reel seat with speed threads, easy grip knurling and self-indexing hoods. It's simple to replace the reel with another. The Delrin lock washer provides firm seating without any vibration so the angler feels enhanced sensitivity when casting and fish are striking.
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09 August 2021
Marion M.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Scott Centric

The Centric is everything you look for in a fly rod.I purchased the Radiant last year and didn’t think that could be out performed, but the Centric certainly does! Tight/lines

09 August 2021
Robert F.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
I recommend this product

Superb fly rod

Owing to COVID restrictions I wasn’t able to get on the water with my new 6wt rod. All I can say is wow! The best rod action I have ever had and a third more distance than with my previous rod which unfortunately had been stolen.

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