Seigler Xbf (Xtra Big) Fly Reel
Seigler Xbf (Xtra Big) Fly Reel
Seigler Xbf (Xtra Big) Fly Reel
Seigler Xbf (Xtra Big) Fly Reel
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Seigler Xbf (Xtra Big) Fly Reel

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The Xtra Big Game Saltwater Fly Reel for 11, 12 and 14wt

The Xtra Big Game Saltwater fly reel is built to tackle the largest most powerful and fastest fish!

Built for the Biggest Fish:

Handles 11, 12, and even 14 weight lines, making it suitable for giants like tuna, tarpon, and marlin.
Powerful drag system: Delivers unbeatable control over even the strongest fish.
Lightweight: Despite its power, it weighs only 11.8 ounces and is surprisingly easy to cast with.

Designed for performance:

Narrow spool with tall arbor: Increases line retrieval speed, crucial for keeping up with fast fish.
Full-frame design: Provides incredible strength and stability.
Large 5" diameter: Holds plenty of line for long battles.
Exceptional balance: Reduces rod weight, making casting effortless.

Crafted with expertise:

Made in collaboration with the world's best fishing guides, ensuring top-notch performance and functionality.
Redefines the way we catch big fish, offering both power and finesse.

The XBF is your ultimate companion, meticulously crafted for unparalleled retrieval speeds and unbeatable drag control. At a mere 11.8 ounces, this 12 weight powerhouse features a narrow spool design with a tall spool arbor, establishing the gold standard for big game fly reels. With its full-frame design and 5" diameter, it stands as the premier choice for anglers seeking top-notch performance.

Accent Colors Available:
Red Lever, Silver Handle, Blue Thrust Plate, Red Hub Cap

Key Features

  • Lever Drag System
  • Dovetail Reel Seat
  • Full Frame Design
  • Asymmetrical Spool
  • E-Clip Spool Fastener
  • Oversized Handle
  • Field Serviceable

Line Weight: 11,12,14 WT

Weight: 11.8.oz

Diameter: 5"

Spool Width: .75"

Capacity: 250yds #80 Braid w/12wt WF line

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