Sfs Brett'S Calli Nymph (Bcnh) 6-Pack

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SFS Brett's Calli Nymph (BCNH) 6-Pack

Callibaetis are essential for most anglers. These mayflies are prolific in many of the Western Hemisphere's stillwaters including lakes, ponds and slow moving streams. In lakes that are heavily alkaline, these insects can hatch and resemble clouds of smoke. Trout, bass and panfish feast on Callibaetis Mayflies in the nymph, dun and spinner stages. Callibaetis nymphs reside in the weeds on the bottom of still and slow-moving water. Anglers can simulate the nymphs exiting the weeds, swimming up and back to the weeds.

Stages of Callibaetis:

Nymph: Nymphs are excellent swimmers and usually swim to the surface following a shallow angle or almost straight. They speed through the water in 3 to 4-inch spurts. A slow retrieve with pauses can imitate the nymphs falling motion as they tire quickly.

Dun: At the surface, the nymph's thorax opens so the Dun can emerge. It rests on the surface before flying to nearby vegetation. It then transforms into a spinner after a few hours.

Spinner: The Spinners can mate in huge swarms by the shoreline. They mate mid-air and then about five days later, they return to the water to lay their eggs which hatch immediately. (The adults then die after serving their purpose.) This period serves as a good extended time to use spinners for fishing. Anglers can find more eggs hatching at low light and on calm days.

• Ideal for Trout in Stillwater
• Imitates a common emerging nymph
• Sizes 14, 16
• 6 Flies/Package

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