Simms Hardbite Star Cleats

Simms Hardbite Star Cleats

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Simms Hardbite Star Cleats

Designed to fit pre-defined cleat locations on Simms Vibram rubber outsoles

Features of the Hardbite Star Cleat

  • Carbide chips welded to each arm of the cleat for added traction and durability
  • Designed to fit pre-defined cleat locations on Vibram rubber outsoles featured on Simms' RIVERTREAD, STREAMTREAD & VAPORTREAD Platforms
  • Available in 10-Puck or 100-Bulk

Size Guide

Vibram® soles are built from the bottom up and are designed to overcome very specific obstacles on a variety of terrains. Vibram® invests heavily in research and development of products never overlooking even the most minute detail. 

Vibram® soles boast innovative compounds and technical sole patterns, specifically developed to meet the challenges of many different environments and applications.

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