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Simms Men'S Bugstopper Intruder Bicomp L/S Shirt Sfs Logo

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Simms Men's Bugstopper Intruder BiComp L/S Shirt SFS Logo

Keep the bugs at bay without sacrificing comfort and mobility. This technical fishing shirt features quick-drying, wicking, odor protection and UPF30. Knit sides & sleeve panels add style and comfort.

Features of the Bugstopper Intruder BiComp L/S Shirt:

  • COR3™ Technology, quick-dry, wicking, anti-odor & UPF30
  • Long-lasting insect protection
  • Two zippered, fly box compatible chest pockets
  • Low-profile plastic snaps at front placket
  • Knit sides & sleeve panels for added comfort
  • Sunglass chamois inside bottom hem
  • Simms & Stillwater Logos

FABRIC TECH: 100% Polyester with COR3™ Technology, InsectShield®


STYLE FIT: Traditional Fit


Through a combination of fabric construction, design and finish, Simms offers a wide range of clothing that features a minimum of 30 UPF (very good) up to 50 UPF (excellent). UPF is the Ultraviolet Protection Factor indicating the quantity of the sun's UV radiation absorbed. A rating of 50 allows only 1/50th of the sun's UV rays to pass through the fabric, thereby reducing your skin's UV radiation exposure significantly. All of Simms' UPF finishes last the life of the garment, an industry standard of 30 washings.

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