Solitude Tiltwing - Callibaetis (D387tn) 6-Pack

Solitude Tiltwing - Callibaetis (D387tn) 6-Pack

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Solitude Tiltwing - Callibaetis (D387TN) 6-Pack

Callibaetis, also known as the Speckled Wing Mayfly, thrive in stillwaters or slow flowing streams. They are essential to anglers as they can produce up to three generations per year from May through September. These mayflies are prolific in many of the Western Hemisphere's stillwaters including lakes, ponds and slow moving streams. In lakes that are heavily alkaline, these insects can hatch and resemble clouds of smoke. Trout, bass and panfish feast on Callibaetis Mayflies in the nymph, dun and spinner stages. Callibaetis nymphs reside in the weeds on the bottom of still and slow-moving water. Anglers can simulate the nymphs exiting the weeds, swimming up and back to the weeds.

• Ideal for trout
• Adult Callibaetis Mayfly
• Sizes 14, 16
• 6 Flies/Package
Solitude Fly Company was founded in 1995 by Ray Chang and John Bonk. They started out as just a couple of friends with a dog on a fishing float tubing trip at Crowley Lake. Many years later, Solitude is creating over 24 new patterns of quality flies tied with the finest materials, while maintaining the highest delivery standard within the industry. Solitude is a small, but expanding, company that fortunately has been presented with an opportunity to participate and share with anglers what we all love, the sport of fly fishing. Solitude is known and pride themselves for providing customers with quality flies.

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