St Croix Evos Salt Fly Rod
St Croix Evos Salt Fly Rod
St Croix Evos Salt Fly Rod
St Croix Evos Salt Fly Rod
St Croix Evos Salt Fly Rod
St Croix Evos Salt Fly Rod

St Croix Evos Salt Fly Rod

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The Evos Salt is built to dominate in saltwater by delivering anglers critical control and fast action. Powered by a next-level carbon fiber matrix and revolutionary MITO® Graphene technology, Evos Salt’s refined actions are exceptionally responsive through a wide range of casting distances, insanely accurate, and deliver the perfect marriage of punch and precision. Fast with feel, Evos Salt combines powerful lifting capability, unmatched loop stability, and blazing line speeds with slick feel and feedback. Whether driving a hero cast into a relentless headwind or delicately delivering a surgical strike in impossibly calm conditions, Evos Salt gets the ghost in any saltwater situation.

Evos Salt provides anglers an edge in saltwater fishing. It promises exceptional casting performance, precise lure control, powerful fish-fighting capabilities, and excellent feel for superior bite detection.

Choose the rod that's right for you:

The Evos Salt 690-4 brings a big attitude to the small-ball salt game. It is the ideal rod for stalking belize-sized bonefish on the flats. In the northern hemisphere, sea-run cutthroat junkies will appreciate the 690’s power when the onshore breeze does its best to spoil the party.

The Evos 790-4 is the tool of choice when chasing spooky fish in slicked off conditions. Exceptional line speed, optimized loop stability, and absolute accuracy make those impossible long shots well within reach.

The Evos Salt 890-4 delivers a beautiful blend of casting power and finesse and is the ideal stick for a wide range of saltwater situations. It provides exceptional performance when faced with big casts in big wind while supplying the perfect balance of feel and feedback for those tricky short shots close the boat.

The Evos Salt 990-4 is a beast of a salt stick. Ideal for permit, behemoth bones, jumbo redfish, small tarpon, and stripers, the 990-4 delivers blazing line speed, absolute accuracy, and maximum lifting power.

The Evos Salt 1090-4 is the ultimate rod for chasing big permit, giant redfish, laid-up tarpon, angry jacks and super-sized stripers. Infinite line speed, mesmerizing loop stability, and absolute accuracy make the EVS1090-4 an essential tool in the saltwater quiver.

Ideal for chasing the biggest critters that roam the flats, the Evos Salt 1190-4 delivers maximum line speed, super-stable loops, and absolute accuracy for the shots you see coming, balanced with enough finesse and feel for those sneaky tight casts right off the bow.

Built to battle the toughest fish on the flats and in the blue water, the Evos 1290-4 supplies maximum line speed, super stable loops, and ultimate lifting power.

Key Features

  • Accuracy: Delivers pinpoint casting accuracy.
  • Power: Offers a perfect balance of power for fighting fish and precision for lure control.
  • Fast Action: Provides a fast feel for better fish detection and faster hooksets.
  • Lifting Capability: Powerful enough to handle even large saltwater fish.
  • Loop Stability: Ensures minimal line wobble during casting for better control.
  • Line Speed: Enables fast line retrieval for efficient lure presentation and fighting fish.
  • Sensitivity: Offers a "buttery feel" for excellent feedback on lure action and fish bites.
  • Versatility: Performs well in various saltwater conditions, from strong winds to calm situations.
  • Fast Action Saltwater
  • 4-Piece
  • Biscayne Blue - Matte Finish
  • Handle 1: 6wt, 7wt, 8wt & 9wt
  • Handle 2: 10wt, 11wt & 12wt

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