Switch Stoke Sunglasses
Switch Stoke Sunglasses
Switch Stoke Sunglasses
Switch Stoke Sunglasses

Switch Stoke Sunglasses

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Two magnetic interchangeable lenses to keep you covered in any light.

Switch uses high-energy magnets embedded in the lens and frame to easily swap lenses quickly as light conditions and activities change. Switch lenses will literally jump into place when brought close to the frame, but will stay put once the lenses have snapped into position. Switch magnetic interchange lenses have been engineered to stay in the frame when dropped from a height of six feet. When skiing, snowboarding, running or mountain biking these lenses are designed to stay in place.

Polarized True Color Grey

Polarized True Color Grey lenses are for extreme glare and intense sun. This lens eliminates glare while producing natural looking colors. It is an excellent lens for mountain, desert, snow, beach and water sports, as well as general purpose use in bright conditions. By blocking 90% of visible light, this is the perfect lens for the harshest light conditions. The back of the lens is protected by an anti-reflective coating to prevent vision obscuring back reflections. This lens is protected by TriGuard™, a patented thin-film coating that resists scratching, causes water to bead up and run off, and is easy to clean. Blocks 100% UV. Available in Reflection Silver and Reflection Blue mirrors.

Rose Amber

Rose Amber lenses are for haze, as well as moderate, low and changeable light. The Switch Rose Amber lens pumps up color contrast by eliminating a high percentage of blue light, yet maintains an attractive rose amber tint when looking through the lens. Reds, oranges and yellows are much more vivid, making objects easier to see. By blocking only 72% of incoming light, the Rose Amber lens will enable you to see details in shadows without lifting your sunglass, whether you are in a forest or in the shady side of a mountain or skyscraper. This is a great lens for driving, running, hiking and biking. This lens is protected by TriGuard™, a patented, thin-film coating that withstands rough handling, causes water to bead up and run off, and is easy to clean.

  • Fits a wide range of face shapes and widths.
  • Looks great on both men and women
  • Magnetic interchange system that keeps lenses in place.
  • Tight face and temple wrap provides secure fit and superior light blockage.
  • A good fit for adding Rx lenses too.
  • Small to Medium fit.

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