Umpqua Cowens Silverside 3-Pack

Umpqua Cowens Silverside 3-Pack

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Umpqua Cowen's Silverside 3-Pack—Closeout

The Silverside a.k.a. Whitebait, Spearing, or Glass Minnow is one of the highly important mainstay food forms for the Atlantic coast fisheries. In the latter half of the season from mid–summer into Fall it serves as one of most important baits. This pattern has proven its effectiveness for the last 4 years along the coast.

• EZ–Body creates a fish–scaling effect and when epoxied becomes bombproof for durability.
• Enlarged silvery lateral line of Holographic Tinsel is evocative of the real minnow.
• The tailing of Polarfiber allows lots of movement to elicit strikes.

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