Umpqua Perform X Hd Saltwater Nylon Tippet

Umpqua Perform X Hd Saltwater Nylon Tippet

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Umpqua Perform X HD Saltwater Nylon Tippet

Perform X delivers brute strength and suppleness. And the correct suppleness allows a perfectly dead-drifted fly to entice the most wary trout, while a secret blend of nylon results in the strength to bring the fish to net. Exceptional knot strength and abrasion resistance round out this perfectly balanced material.

Umpqua’s Perform X HD Tipept is a clear, medium hard, moderately stiff “tippet” made from the strongest and most abrasion-resistant nylon. Whether stripping small bonefish flies over coral bottoms or casting large 4/0 deceivers, this is the perfect leader material for the rigors of saltwater conditions.

• Supple and durable

• Nylon

• Moderate stiffness

• 15, 25 & 30 yards length

• 8lb to 40 test

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