Umpqua Upg Lt Standard Fly Box

Umpqua Upg Lt Standard Fly Box

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Umpqua UPG LT Standard Fly Box

Color code your fly box for a specific location, hatch or fishing season.

It's slim and versatile design stores a wide range of dries & nymphs. Magnetic closure allows for easy access and the 3-D molded high-grip FlyTrap storage generates exceptional fly grip and easy organization.

Features of the UPG LT Standard Fly Box:

• Slim, highly visible fly box

• Magnetic Closure

• Color coded fly box for each location, hatch, or time of year

• 3-D molded high-grip FlyTrap™ storage system

• Versatile fly box holds a wide range of dries & nymphs

• DIMENSIONS: 7.25" x 4.0" x 0.75"


Highest fly capacity storage per inch of any other fly boxes on the market.TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) inserts allow for maximum grip and storage capacity. Made from low memory, dense material. Unique slit-cutting procedure when material is curved results in a tighter grip.Shatter-proof durability due to unique design and construction.

See through covers for easy identification and visibility of flies.Slim, single-sided, multiple swing leaves & variable inserts meet all your fly storage needs.All HD boxes have latches and seals that are completely waterproof.

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