Umpqua Zs2 Foam Fly Patch

Umpqua Zs2 Foam Fly Patch

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Umpqua ZS2 Foam Fly Patch

Attach this handy foam on any of the ZS2 packs and bags for quick access to the flies you need most! You also have the option of pairing this fly patch with the ZS2 Fly Patch Holder.

What is Zero Sweep™?

The end result is more quality time on the water and less time untangling line from buckles, nippers, hemostat, retractors, fly patches and all of the other necessities attached to fly fishers' packs. So there is less time fumbling to find the important tools used the most such as nippers and hemostats. Umpqua has achieved this by creating a unique system of ports and attachment points for the go-to tools that are snag-free yet still accessible. Retractors are attached inside on high-wear hypalon tabs and threaded out of ports where tools are stationed snag-free. Umpqua specially designed their own buckle because nothing on the market could provide the function needed without being a snag-hazard.

• Securely attaches to any Umpqua ZS2 packs and bags

• Pair with the ZS2 Fly Patch Holder - sold separately

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