Umpqua Zs2 Waterproof Boat Bag

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Umpqua Zs2 Waterproof Boat Bag
Umpqua Zs2 Waterproof Boat Bag
Umpqua Zs2 Waterproof Boat Bag

Umpqua ZS2 Waterproof Boat Bag

The ZS2 is a guide's favorite! This beast will cover the needs of any boat angler. Highly structured lid includes ZS2 Fly Patch, Hypalon hemostat station and molle patch for accessory attachment to make an ideal on-water work station. YKK weather-proof zipper and internal elevated rim give a double line of defense against the worst of squalls & splash. A large molle accessory station on the face will allow a wide range of additions.

• Clear and mesh flat zippered pockets on lid underside

• Structured lid and dry-lock rim result in natural weatherproof protection even when not zipped

• ZS2 Fly Patch Station (fly patch included)

• Hypalon hemostat attachment station•Internal dividers for easy organization

• Removable shoulder strap

• Holds up to four Bug Locker 4624s/Plano 3700s

• YKK weather-proof zipper

• 2 x molle accessory attachment stations for accessories (lid & face)

Medium Bag Dimensions:

Length / 13in

Width / 9in

Height / 9.5in

Large Bag Dimensions:

Length / 17in

Width / 11.5in

Height / 10.5in

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